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On the night of his 35th birthday, Robert struggles to think of a wish to make as he blows out his birthday candles. The lone bachelor, surrounded by “those good and crazy people” -- his married friends -- Robert is uncertain whether he should simply be happy with his lot or whether he should wish for his own romantic partner. Over a series of dinner parties, first dates, and thoughtful conversations, Robert attempts to understand the pros and cons of marriage from his diverse and frequently hilarious friends,, and begins to make sense of his own persistent bachelorhood. Company, Stephen Sondheim’s groundbreaking modern musical, is a mature, intelligent, and wildly funny look at relationships, vulnerability, and “being alive.” ​


Bobby- CJ Cruz
Sarah- Shaina Lubliner
Harry- Nicholas Chrapliwy
Susan- Holly Holder
Peter- Niall Schroder
Jenny- Clara Bird
David- Savannah Lynn
Amy- Sarah Jacobs
Paul- Daniel Sprague
Joanne- Jenna Clayborn
Larry- Tim Clayton
Marta- Multy Oliver
Kathy- Sharon Kinsella
April- Kelly McLaughlin

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Interested in playing in the live orchestra for Company? Email Orchestral Supervisor Cristian Tolento to learn more!

Production Council

Interested in filling one of the following positions? Have questions about auditions or just want to get more involved? Email Winter Producer Sonali Mehta to learn more!

Producer - Sonali Mehta
Assistant Producer - Brandon Dawson
Director - Alex Felix
Assistant Director - Chandler Richards
Musical Director - Adam Beskind
Assistant Musical Director - Ethan Shen and Olivia Neely
Choreographer - Julia Medine
Assistant Choreographer - Cady Bailey
Technical Director - James Allen Meade
Assistant Technical Director - Micah Segal-Miller
Production Stage Manager - Grace Francese
Assistant Stage Managers - Turner Jordan and Peter LaBoy
Set Designer - Wesley Carretto
Lighting Design - Dottie Kontopolous and Micah Segal-Miller
Light Board Operator - Trevyn Toone
Sound Designer - Lauren Hale
Sound Board Operator - Inessa Chandra
Projection Operator - Ernesto Morfin
Props Master - Naveen Hrishikesh
Props Crew - Michelle Larson and Sakib Hoque
Publicity Head - Julia Medine and David Pfeiffer
Publicity Team - Lindsey Kinsella, Sharon Kinsella, Lulla Kiwinda, Elizabeth Bueti
Graphic Designer - Clayton Delp
Playbill Designer - Sharon Kinsella
Costume Designer - Elena McNeice
Costume Crew - Carmela Guaglianone
Hair and Makeup - Maria Zurita
Company Manager - Lauren Hale

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