Production Council

In addition to the efforts of the casts, each Hoof 'n' Horn production requires a great amount of time and effort offstage in order to be successful. The Production Council roles associated with Hoof 'n' Horn productions are listed below for your reference.


Responsible for the overall production of the show. Responsible for all communication, spending, management of resources, and publicity.

Communicate with all PC positions and keeps production council on a timetable.

Highest authority for all non creative aspects of the show.

Responsible for assembling a production council, including a costume, build, and publicity team

Director/Assistant Director

Responsible for the creative aspects of the production.

Manage cast and work with music director, choreographer, and designers

Communicates with stage manager for scheduling purposes and rehearsal management

Communicates with producers on matters of spending and production details


Responsible for casting the necessary musical talent for the production

Teaches the musical aspects of the show to the cast

Coordinates with rehearsal pianists regarding any song changes and orchestral director regarding any modification / notes on the score

Communicates with the director, producers, and choreographer on all overlapping matters

Orchestral Director

Responsible for assembling and rehearsing an orchestra for the production

Communicates with producers regarding acquisition of players and instruments

Communicates with stage manager regarding pit sync and post-load-in requirements

Stage Manager

Responsible for creating a rehearsal schedule, managing rehearsals, and communicating with the necessary people regarding rehearsal needs and concerns

Responsible for creating a technical schedule, specifically dealing with load-in and subsequent rehearsals

Responsible for bringing all relevant issues to the attention of the producers

Highest authority during technical rehearsal and performances

Communicates with director, music director, choreographer during rehearsals

Communicates with the technical director, lighting designer, sound designer, costume designer, and props mistress from before load-in to strike

Senior Administrator for Logistics and Communication

Manages operations lying outside the scope of rehearsals and production, specifically those dealing with outside organizations, corporations, and charities

Reports directly to the producers regarding progress and finances

Set Designer

Responsible for designing a set for the show and providing explicit blueprints for building the set

Communicates with the director regarding creative vision, technical director regarding construction feasibility, and the producers regarding spending

Costume Designer

Responsible for designing and acquiring all costumes for the show

Responsible for measuring and fitting cast members for costumes

Responsible for maintaining and utilizing a costume team

Responsible for ensuring a costume master/mistress is present for all dress rehearsals and performances

Communicates with director regarding creative vision and producers regarding spending

Responsible for maintaining the costume budget

Costume Team

Communicates with costume designer and works with his/her direction in completing a full costume wardrobe for the cast

Responsible for getting spending approval from the costume designer

Lighting Designer/Assistant Lighting Designer

Responsible for designing a lighting layout with the director and for submitting a detailed lighting design to Rich Kless of Duke Theater Operations in a timely fashion.

Hangs and focuses all lighting instruments in the theater

Operates the lighting board during technical rehearsals and performances

Communicates with the stage manager regarding lighting cues and producers regarding spending

Responsible for keeping the lighting budget

Sound Designer

Designs, assembles, and maintains a sound setup from load-in to strike

Operates the sound board during all technical rehearsals and performances

Communicates with director, music director, orchestral director, and stage manager regarding specific sound issues for the show

Responsible for keeping the sound budget and communicating with producers regarding spending

Props Master/Mistress

Acquires all necessary props for the production and maintains a prop table for all dress rehearsals and performances

Communicates directly with the producers regarding spending and is responsible for keeping the props budget

Techincal Director

Translates set designs into a completed set

Utilizes build team or cast to complete the set in a timely fashion

Responsible for all set repairs and issues that arise during use

Maintains a set budget and communicates with the producers regarding spending

Build Team

Assists the technical director in completing set construction

Must get spending approval from technical director

Publicity Manager

Manages publicity logistics regarding campus-wide and off-campus publicity

Manages a publicity team and is responsible for actively publicizing the production

Communicates with producers regarding all spending issues

Maintains a publicity budget

Publicity Team

Assists the publicity manager in publicizing the show

Must get spending approval from publicity manager

Company Manager

Serves as primary resource for anyone in the show regarding non-professional conflicts amongst individuals

Accommodates the cast to create a lighter working environment, especially during long or tedious rehearsals

May be called on to manage cast logistics (e.g. extended housing during graduation weekend)

Manages Hoof 'n' Horn traditions (e.g. secret buddies)

Stocks dressing room with important cast items (e.g. water, baby wipes)

Responsible for maintaining a company manager budget

House Manager

Maintains a professional "front of house" appearance for our patrons

Manages all sales and concessions at the front of the theater

Maintains a team of ushers to sell tickets and escort patrons to their seats

Serves as liaison between patrons and the production council

Accommodates VIPs

Maintains a clean house before and after each production

Playbill Designer

Designs and assembles the playbill

Responsible for collecting cast and production council biographies

Receives advertising, publicity, other materials from the producers

Graphic Designer

Works with producers and director in designing the necessary number of publicity images

Rehearsal Pianist

Accompanies the cast during callbacks and music rehearsals

Communicates with the music director regarding specifics