The Playreading Committee was created in 1991 to solicit interest in shows from the general membership, research those shows, and use those findings to create a ballot for approval by the executive council to present to the general members to be voted upon.

The committee members are selected by the chair at the beginning of the academic year. The current chair is Jon Aisenberg.

Playreading Committee members go to committee meetings, gather information/read scripts, and vote on shows to put on the proposed ballot. They also present the shows that end up on the approved ballot to the general members at the fall and spring retreats. They are also eligible to run for the committee chair during executive council elections at the spring retreat.

Feel free to contact Jon if you have any ideas about future shows that you would like to see Hoof 'n' Horn produce!

For more information regarding the Playreading Committee, see Executive Council Policy E in the Hoof 'n' Horn Bylaws!