Individual donations account for a measurable portion of Hoof 'n' Horn's overall revenue each season. Individual donors are usually alumni who have contacted the Fundraising/Alumni Relations Chair on the executive council or parents of the cast, crew, and production council of shows who have been contacted by the Producer of that show.

Both parents and alumni are invited to explore the rest of the site to find out more about Hoof 'n' Horn in its present state. If you would like to make a donation, several options are available to you. If you would like to know more about individual donations, you can email Bekah Wellons, our Fundraising/Alumni Relations Chair.

To send a donation, please complete the sponsor form and mail it with enclosed materials to the address listed on the form. We also welcome donations in the form of goods and services.

Hoof 'n' Horn greatly appreciates donations to the organization. We individually recognize each of our generous donors in our programs according to the scheme below. Donations are cumulative and last for one year.

Titan - $1000
Benefactor - $500
Grand Patron - $250
Patron - $100
Partner - $50
Friend - $25

Donations from businesses in North Carolina have not been a significant portion of Hoof 'n' Horn's annual revenue in the past, which is something we hope to change. As we expand our capability to reach a broader audience as well as to accomplish more as a part of the Triangle community, we believe that we are a good investment for local business.

As a theater organization we are always in need of both monetary and material donations, especially as we move to embrace more challenging productions and projects in the future. We hope to expand our media capabilities as an organization, which businesses are often uniquely capable of supporting.

If your business is interested in making a donation, you can can email Bekah Wellons, our Fundraising/Alumni Relations Chair.

A receipt and acknowledgement of your donation will be sent to you should you decide to provide either a monetary or material donation. All donations are acknowledged in selected Hoof 'n' Horn publications such as programs or Alumni newsletters.

Our shows involve students from all over the Triangle as well as residents from a large spectrum of ages. This year we continue to seek a broader pool of human resources to improve the productions we offer to the community.

In 2016 and 2017 our Publicity Chair position will continue efforts made in the past year to reach a larger audience - to go beyond the students at Duke in our efforts to promote the organization. We hope that this will mean an even larger, more diverse audience for all of our productions this year. We will work to continue improving our advertising capabilities so that ads will reach both our audience and the members of the Hoof 'n' Horn community.

We now offer more options for advertising that will make it easier for area businesses to reach all of our audience. Advertising opportunities are available with Hoof 'n' Horn, traditionally in our playbills for each production. For information regarding advertising, please contact Julia Medine or Melody Iro, our publicity chairs.